About F-Baun

My name is Frederik Baun, i live on the waddensea island, Fanø. Father of 2 teenagers and married to my wonderful vife.

I started my photography company in 2013 and have been serving customers until January 2020 where i was diagnosed with cancer and i haven't been able to work since.

I am on a treatment with kemo therapy and a biological stuff every 14th day.

If you have questions, feel free to ask

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My main focus have been in wedding and landscape photography.

Now, on a good day i just grab my camera (or phone) and take photos of just about anything that i meet on my way.


Fanø is in the heart of the waddensea, and the beach on the west coast to the North sea, which gives some spectacular weather phenomenons.

Fanø is allso known as one of the wedding islands in Denmark which gives quite a lot of wedding jobs to my business.

Feel free to visit my "other" website - www.fbaun.dk
(I haven't updated it since i got sick)

The very best wishes from Fanø and me